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"Only for a little while… okay?"

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I know you’re busy helping Ciel and the Resistance, Zero. That is fine. As long as you help them…


I suppose it was confusing for you wasn’t it? Meeting another… “me” who isn’t quite, “me”. You don’t have to worry about him now. He is out of our hands to help.


Aaand the final product! I’m more used to drawing him in the Zero series but figured since it’s 6/10 as in Rock(man) X day I might as well mix it up a little by mixing both Xs together!

Eh? Eeeh? Eeeeh?

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Rockman X Day anyone?


Since 6/9 is Rock/Rockman’s Day we should clearly do 6/10 too! Since 6 = Rock(man) and 10 = X as in the Roman numeral!

Granted it’s unofficially Rockman X’s day but I figured it be that much more enjoyable if more fans joined in on it!

…..even though I totally forgot about this until last night. orz

「ロックマンXの日」のイラスト・作品検索一覧 [pixiv]


At times, Yoshihiro Iwamoto and others have drawn Mega Man X on the 10th of June. This is because X is also the roman numeral for 10.


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I wish I can vote all of these to be prioritized:

Rockman 2nd Armor

Zero Black Version

Rockman Dash Lock

Rockman (有賀先生ver.)


Rockman Exe


Vava’s Armor

*Include this in a set - Beat, Eddie


Your First Look at D-Arts Ultimate Armor X

More through the link.

Oh, hello, Zero. It has been a while. How are you doing today?

Hello to you as well. Please, there is no need for formalities here, but anyway…

What was Neo Arcadia like, you ask? Well… I must admit, it was far from perfect. However I truly enjoyed my time there. Everyone did their best, to realize peace together.

I will not say I was blind to the rampant issues we still had. There were still Mavericks, and doubts towards the Reploid populations, but there were still people who were willing to overcome that.

It had… filled my heart, with hope. Things had been wonderful, however brief it may have felt for myself.

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